Funding For Companies With Tax Liens

Capital Solutions offers businesses with a tax lien a new funding structure that can immediately fund accounts.
Why this is important
Businesses that run into a tax issue create a problem for their lender or factoring company. The lender has to liquidate or terminate the relationship due to fears of a Levy. It’s important to take care of […]

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Factoring & Asset-Based Lending 2018

When traditional banks fail to meet the critical financial needs of a business, Capital Solutions structures factoring and asset-based solutions to meet those needs. Capital Solutions presents superior options that keep money costs in line and permit business owners to take care of current needs as well as keep an eye on future progress.

Capital […]

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Support Lilac Wildfire San Luis Rey Downs Victims

As many of you know, the people at Capital Solutions are fans of horse racing and hold the people involved in working with and caring for the horses in the highest esteem. Tragically, the Lilac Wildfire in Southern California overran the San Luis Rey Downs thoroughbred training center, killing 46 horses and burning scores […]

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Accounts Receivable Financing Is Good for Business

Accounts receivable financing can step in when a company needs money. If your business is having trouble getting approved for traditional credit, accounts receivable financing can be the option that suits your needs.

If you are looking for alternative financing because traditional banking has failed you, Capital Solutions structures the most beneficial facility for your […]

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Asset-Based Equipment Financing

Asset-based equipment financing is a savvy solution for companies outside the parameters of conventional lending criteria. These loans are based on collateral – equipment – your company already owns.

In fact, collateral based equipment financing is ideal when other assets are levered. And, the packaging is simple on these kinds of deals — all we […]

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Factoring: Step by Step

Deciding on factoring

Factoring can access cash and working capital locked up in commercial invoices with minimum paperwork and maximum speed. For example, let’s say XYZ Inc. has incurred an unforeseen expense — a big property tax bill. XYZ does brisk business and can reasonably expect to collect a significant amount of revenue in the months to […]

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Accounts Receivable Factoring Seasonal Cash Flow

With the upcoming production-delivery-and-sales cycle of the holiday season, there is far more benefit in having the cash from current accounts receivable in your bank account rather that on your balance sheet: accounts receivable factoring is the answer. You take the orders, produce the goods, ship them and promptly send the invoice. Rather than wait 30-, […]

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Commercial Real Estate SBA 7(a) Loans

Capital Solutions structures commercial real estate based SBA 7(a) loans that offer terms attractive to small and medium sized businesses. Starting at prime plus 2.75%, these SBA loans give access to businesses that fall outside the narrow strictures of traditional banking.

Specifically, this program offers:

Purchase commercial real estate with 93% LTV, 25-year amortization and […]

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Bridge Loans Collateralized by Real Estate

If you’re looking to meet a 1031 exchange deadline or renovate income producing real estate, a bridge loan facility is a practical asset-based option. Capital Solutions structures bridge loans in the local California market  with direct lenders like Pacific Business Capital Corporation.

Here are some Bridge Loan offering basics:

Eligible properties

Special purpose & mixed use, […]

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Equity Capital Pre-Deal Sheet

Need equity capital, but where to start? This easy worksheet brings together basic data for the preliminary evaluation of an equity deal. At Capital Solutions, we use this information as a springboard to sourcing the right EC deal.

No worries, this isn’t a test! It clarifies the work that’s been done and work that needs […]

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Liberate Your Accounts Receivable — Service & Freelance Sectors

Are your accounts receivable gathering dust on a balance sheet?

Factoring is a practical solution for a for a freelance or service business that has verified accounts receivable and needs working capital.

Service and freelance businesses face idiosyncratic challenges when it comes to operating. Since those providers are not selling a tangible product, a client may […]

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Improving Year-End Cash Flow Position

Takeaway: Capital Solutions Improves Year-End A/R-Cash Flow Position

It’s getting close to the end of the year and a good time to review a company’s financial and cash flow positions. Closing out this year on a good note sets up a positive start to 2017!
For a solid financial start to the new year, consider these […]

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