Custom Solution Provides Flexible Lending Alternative

Capital Solutions offers the flexibility and expertise to craft lending alternative and custom funding solutions. Not only can we set up funding for your present needs, we will work with you to sketch out future funding needs and the pathways and options that will meet your circumstances.

Here’s an example of how asset-based lending alternatives […]

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Debt and Equity

What happens if a company has a strong concept, great product or sales momentum and needs money to move to the next level of success but wants to hold on to equity? If a business can tick all of the boxes for a bank, then by all means go to a bank; but what […]

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SEC Securities-Based Crowdfunding Bulletins

The U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission has set May 16, 2016 as the release date when companies can use securities-based crowdfunding to offer and sell securities to the investing public. This release is likely to be a game-changer in the equity and venture capital sectors.

What professionals need to know

The enabling language establishing regulations […]

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Structuring VC & Equity Opportunties

Guest blogger: Mark Witt, Equity Associate at Capital Solutions
Working directly with decision-makers
Over the past 20 plus years, I have developed relationships with key investment banking and venture capital providers. I work directly with the presidents of these firms and have partnered with them because of their ability to “get deals done.”
What a deal looks […]

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Funding Concentrations

When structuring asset-based funding solutions, factoring accounts receivable provides working capital without incurring debt. Ideally, receivables are spread over a number of accounts, but in business, as in life, not all is ideal.

We understand there are times in a company’s business cycle when there is one major customer. Maybe the company is a start-up, […]

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Structuring Asset-Based Loans – Experience & Expertise

Capital Solutions structures financing solutions around your commercial accounts receivable including asset-based loans and factoring. We tailor the solution to your unique business circumstances. Our professional and licensed team brings decades of experience to a spectrum of clients in diverse sectors. Publishers, staffing companies, truckers, fashion houses – we find the deals that fit […]

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Investment Capital and Equity Financing

A little more than a month ago, we announced that Capital Solutions is now helping to provide access to Venture Capital, Investment Capital and Equity financing. The response to this announcement has been dramatic and we now have a number of deals in the works with our sources.

While we are not miracle workers, we […]

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Equity Opportunities at Capital Solutions

Capital Solutions is expanding our services and programs to businesses by provide access to venture capital and equity capital financing to a wide range of businesses. Capital Solutions’ President Brian Battaglia has recruited Mark Witt to lead the Equity Opportunities programs.

Venture Capital (VC)

Venture Capital financing is most appropriate for startup and early stage companies. […]

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How Long Will It Take To Get Your Financing Approved?

While browsing for the right company to aid you in your financing needs, a number of factors will come into play. What basic information will they need in order to begin my application process? How many years will my business have had to be running for in order to qualify for a loan? How […]

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What Are Asset-Based Loans?

If your company has been looking to find a way to access capital, you are sure to have come across asset-based loans. For those who aren’t familiar with asset-based loans, they are loans based on commercial assets including accounts receivables, inventory or other assets. Put simply, with an asset-based loan you are leveraging future […]

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Capital Solutions Adds New Financing Categories

Capital Solutions’ product offerings have expanded throughout the United States. We now offer:

Receivable financing for law firms.
Non-bank financing for all types of commercial real estate such as industrial properties, hotels, marinas, shopping centers, data centers, office buildings, and apartments (minimum size $2M).
Mezzanine financing for a variety of commercial real estate.
Hard money equipment loans (minimum […]

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Mezzanine Financing With Capital Solutions

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Mezzanine financing fills the funding space between taking out a senior debt loan, whether from a commercial bank or a finance company, and giving up equity to an investor. Typically, mezzanine financing suits a company that has in excess of $10 million in annual sales and EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Depreciation […]

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