Building small businesses with delegation

Small business owners face the difficulty of having the world on their shoulders. Unable to afford the plethora of employees and assistants that medium to large size businesses have, small business owners often find themselves handling all of the responsibilities and work. Forbes contributor and Product Manager for Stage One Mike Savory points to […]

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The importance of finding the right investor

For businesses, expansion is usually seen as a good thing. Whether it’s revenue or physical space, growth in businesses are for the most part, seen as synonymous with advancement. But rather than seeking expansion for expansion’s sake, consider instead the importance in finding the right investor.

Ricky Pelletier, a VP at OpenView Venture Partners, urges […]

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Finding startup capital, outside of big cities

For the entrepreneur, launching a business is often a Herculean challenge due to the lack of available startup capital available. Big cities are often a source of this precious funding: a study by the Atlantic on top locations for sources of venture pointed to major cities including: San Francisco, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San […]

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Hiring the right employees to grow a business

It seems like the right time to hire employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Worker productivity is up and the economy seems to be on the rebound. In spite of this, the unemployment rate remains at 6%, and employers consistently cite that they have difficulty finding qualified workers in the current labor […]

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SBA rolls out $2.5 million competition during National Small Business Week

Entrepreneurs deserve to celebrate. National Small Business Week kicked off Monday, May 12 at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Maria Contreras-Sweet,Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration summarized National Small Business Week as a time , “to make sure our entrepreneurs know about the services the SBA offers. And it’s a week to encourage […]

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Measuring a business’ sale performance

Aside from poring over one’s accounting records and finances, most small business owners find it difficult to accurately gauge how well their business is doing aside from rudimentary rubrics. There are however, other possible metrics that may be utilized by a business owner to accurately assess the health of a business.

Dave Lavinsky,co-founder of Growthink, […]

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Finding the right counsel for your business

For a business owner, its often difficult to decide what prudent decisions should be made to advance a business. Whether its managing overhead or payroll, there are many facets to consider.

Most business owners are lucky then, that they can turn to either a board of directors or a board of advisors. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, […]

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High employment rates reported among most cities in US

The most recent reports prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to a reassuring fact for all: the economy seems to be on a steady path to recovery. Compared to one year ago, the economy has made tremendous gains.

According to the most recent BLS report, “Two hundred ninety-nine metropolitan areas had over-the-year increases […]

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Should businesses promote via pay-per-click marketing?

As mentioned in previous blog posts, boosting their web presence should be a key priority for any small to medium-sized business. Whether a business’ customers are in the younger or older demographic, there is a consistent trend toward greater internet usage for all age groups.

One may consider pay-per-click marketing then, or PPC, as being […]

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SBA offers easier loans, but is it enough?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced new revisions to its loan process which should offer easier access for small businesses to obtain loans. But does it really succeed in offering small businesses a significantly greater access to the funding needed for growth?

The two revisions impact SBA’s 7(a) and 504 loan programs. As summarized […]

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The importance of cash flow

It’s easy to write off the value of cash in a world where credit cards dominate. After all, with financial transactions being done via digital mediums, surely it would make sense that cash no longer holds the same significance that it once held.

For the established business owner, those thoughts could not be further from […]

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Factoring: A proud and rich history

In previous posts, the topics covered suggest that there is a major boom in the industry of alternatives to bank loans, namely invoice factoring. One could argue then, that a new page in the history of factoring is being written.

What many don’t realize however, is that the history of factoring goes far beyond the […]

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