Photo Credit: SalFalko/Flickr

Photo Credit: SalFalko/Flickr

This blog has reported on several new social media innovations and new strategies in an attempt to highlight ways that businesses are expanding via digital mediums. One area that hasn’t been touched upon however, is the importance of social media strategies originating from the top management within a business.

There are a number of different strategies that business owners should consider pursuing when seeking to define and expand their presence online. One of the first pieces of advice is to maintain personal social networking connections-whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. “Influence your executive team to lead by example and create an open and authentic persona that gives insight into their backgrounds and disseminates their thoughts through social channels,” said Mel Carson, founder of Delightful Communications. This also allows prospective clients and employees to learn a little more about the business owner and their business.

Along with the principle is a general directive businesses have against employees posting about their place of employment. In some ways, this may serve as a setback for free publicity regarding a business. Carson notes, “By positively framing how you suggest your team talk about themselves, your brand and the industry they’re in, they will feel confident using social platforms more often.” Please also note however, that it is important to promote a positive frame of mind through which employees post about a business. A small business may not survive the harsh criticisms and horror stories of disgruntled employees.

One final option that management should consider is providing employees with workshops to promote both their public speaking and writing courses. This is again a situation where employees that utilize social media may serve as free publicity for a business. “If they write for your blog or externally for other media outlets, devote some budget to giving them some professional tips on how to maximize the impact of their words. Any edge you can give your team as individuals will help them outshine your competition,” writes Carson.

With all things, the management of a business has the option to determine policies that help to promote social media growth. Many of these strategies involve establishing laxer policies among employees within the business and their willingness to promote a business, while also ensuring that these employees will not damage the fragile reputation of a growing business on the internet.

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