Photo Credit: Alba Soler/Flickr

Photo Credit: Alba Soler/Flickr

When considering PR campaigns, a large number of businesses focus on the short-term gains directly attributable to the campaign. As opposed to a PR campaign being a magical fix-all solution to a business however, owners should establish realistic, pragmatic objectives for a PR initiative.

Melissa Cohen, vice president of account services at Metis Communications, writes in Entrepreneur Magazine that business should owners must consider a few factors for a successful PR campaign. “Instead of focusing on these magical press campaigns, entrepreneurs should concentrate on long-term value – ongoing programs that create measurable awareness, generate demand and leads, increase conversions, confirm value for investors and support other strategic business goals,” Cohen writes.

Moreover, Cohen also points to the advantage of having clearly defined strategic goals for the sake of aligning the goals of the business with the PR campaign. Cohen notes that, “By having pinpointed a particular mission, the PR team knows what is expected of them and can work to achieve this goal.”

Finally, and most importantly, Cohen emphasizes patience on the part of the business owner for the campaign. Much like any startup or business initiative, PR campaigns may take time to yield dividends, but the results will ultimately benefit the business in the long term.

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