As many of you know, the people at Capital Solutions are fans of horse racing and hold the people involved in working with and caring for the horses in the highest esteem. Tragically, the Lilac Wildfire in Southern California overran the San Luis Rey Downs thoroughbred training center, killing 46 horses and burning scores more, injuring dozens of workers trying to save their horses and destroying the living quarters on the backstretch.

The backstretch population, numbering in the hundreds, lost all their possessions including clothing, small appliances for cooking and recreation, and furnishings and bedding. The people and horses from San Luis Rey are at Del Mar race track. Del Mar’s management has opened the gates of the stabling, giving refuge to all kinds of horses and barn animals, not just race horses. They have also opened an account for taking care of the people and the horses, so no person or animal falls through the cracks.

Please find it in your heart to donate to, the fund goes directly to the needs of the displaced people and animals.  One hundred percent of the donations directly benefit the fire victims.

Thank you for joining us in supporting the efforts to assist and heal this community.

We hope you and yours have a productive and peaceful New Year.