Brian BattagliaBrian Battaglia, Capital Solutions’ founder, and CEO has wide-ranging commercial finance expertise. Leading his company in start-up financing and facilities up to $15 million monthly, Brian is available to share his unique experience with all our clients. His productive tenures at Arthur Anderson, Heller Financial, and Century Business Credit, are vital reminders that customer service and building essential relationships are the keys to success.
The financial services of Capital Solutions, Inc. complement each other, providing unique programs tailored to our clients’ current and future requirements and obligations. Everything Capital Solutions does is shaped by our commitment to help clients perform at their best and highest levels. Your success is our purpose; your challenges impel our motivation.

Working with Capital Solutions, good things can happen after a bank turns you down for a business loan. When banks balk or flat-out refuse, our team of hands-on finance industry veterans steps in to structure flexible and creative solutions. Capital Solutions’ specialists analyze and provide you with initial options for your situation in real time. Then, they refine the dynamics of the funding needed and structure a fair finance facility for your company.

Capital Solutions’ respected and experienced team has unmatched access to lenders. From tech to trucking, our contacts include category and niche lending specialists in a broad range of business sectors. Capital Solutions is continuously growing our network to establish partnerships with lenders as committed as we are to our clients.


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