Asset-Based Loans

Working Capital

Capital Solutions offers customized lending packages for businesses restricted by conventional bank financing. Asset-based loans are more difficult to qualify than factoring facilities. We make commitments faster and resolve problems decisively.

Asset-based loans can be secured by accounts receivable, real estate, inventory or other assets. Lack of working capital is a challenge for many companies during expansion. We specialize in helping companies that do not have bank financing or do not have enough bank financing to allow for growth.

Lines of Credit

Traditional bank financing can be a time consuming, frustrating, and complex process. Banks require an established credit history, cash flow, and profitability before considering a business loan. In addition to securing all assets as collateral, banks require compliance with stringent restrictive loan covenants which are often difficult to maintain.

Bank lines or credit often overlook the full borrowing power of businesses due to specific formulas, covenants and leverage requirements. Qualifications for asset-based loans generally require a turnaround or profitability in the previous quarter.

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