Capital Solutions offers the flexibility and expertise to craft lending alternative and custom funding solutions. Not only can we set up funding for your present needs, we will work with you to sketch out future funding needs and the pathways and options that will meet your circumstances.

Here’s an example of how asset-based lending alternatives can be tailored to a business’ unique situation:

Our client is a hair products company with a set of challenges, not unique to the financing world, but nonetheless difficult to find financing for. The NEWCO is owned by an operator with prior industry experience and knowledge.

Capital Solutions structured a combined $325K revolving Line of Credit for both accounts receivable and production financing. The lender will advance up to 80% on the eligible receivables and up to 50% on the purchase order, paying the supplier(s) directly.

The flexible part of this structure is that our client draws down only what he needs and is only charged an average daily interest rate on funds employed; not on the entire invoice or purchase order amount.

If you know of a company that could benefit from this type of facility, please give me a call.