Asset-based equipment financing is a savvy solution for companies outside the parameters of conventional lending criteria. These loans are based on collateral – equipment – your company already owns.

In fact, collateral based equipment financing is ideal when other assets are levered. And, the packaging is simple on these kinds of deals — all we need is an equipment schedule to get started!

Equipment financing program synopsis:

  • $300,000 to $10,000,000
  • No covenants or debt service requirements
  • Four- to five-year term loans
  • Financing based solely on the value of equipment
  • Mid-to-high teens pricing

Look for a lender with industry knowledge and credit expertise. Nothing beats a lender’s track record in structuring deals, both straightforward and complex, for entrepreneurial companies requiring the experience of a proven partner. While every deal does not have to be complicated, and most aren’t, it’s good to have financial partner who can step-up and configure a complex deal if you need it.

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