Accounts receivable financing can step in when a company needs money. If your business is having trouble getting approved for traditional credit, accounts receivable financing can be the option that suits your needs.

If you are looking for alternative financing because traditional banking has failed you, Capital Solutions structures the most beneficial facility for your business’ circumstances. As acknowledged experts in the competitive asset-based lending field, we look to secure every financing advantage available to our customers. These can include:

  • No long-term contracts
  • Charges are on the money borrowed NOT the face invoice amount
  • Very little or no contacting your customers about payments unless assistance is needed
  • Fee is based on the average daily outstanding balance with no administration or hidden fees
  • Free credit checking for your new or existing customers
  • Easy Qualifying
  • Preferred terms of agreement

For a small -to-medium business owner, accounts receivable financing through Capital Solutions is user-friendly.  Once we have all your documents, setting up a factoring line can take just a few days. We know who specializes in your vertical and what lender is looking for your kind of deal. We don’t waste time your time and energy by working with unsuitable prospective lenders. Working with Capital Solutions means you deal with experienced professionals who have put together hundreds of successful finance facilities.