Working Capital Via Second Position Factoring: Banks+SBA+EIDL

With a second position facility, you can unlock the capital hiding in accounts receivable while keeping primary financing in place.

Companies best suited to this program will have annual revenues of  $1M+ and have less than $100K on the aging.

Why Second Position Factoring

Second position factoring provides a certain, predictable cash flow when it’s needed. The timeframe […]

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Funding For Companies With Tax Liens

Capital Solutions offers businesses with a tax lien a new funding structure that can immediately fund accounts.
Why this is important
Businesses that run into a tax issue create a problem for their lender or factoring company. The lender has to liquidate or terminate the relationship due to fears of a Levy. It’s important to take care of […]

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Support Lilac Wildfire San Luis Rey Downs Victims

As many of you know, the people at Capital Solutions are fans of horse racing and hold the people involved in working with and caring for the horses in the highest esteem. Tragically, the Lilac Wildfire in Southern California overran the San Luis Rey Downs thoroughbred training center, killing 46 horses and burning scores […]

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Accounts Receivable Financing Is Good for Business

Accounts receivable financing can step in when a company needs money. If your business is having trouble getting approved for traditional credit, accounts receivable financing can be the option that suits your needs.

If you are looking for alternative financing because traditional banking has failed you, Capital Solutions structures the most beneficial facility for your […]

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SEC Securities-Based Crowdfunding Bulletins

The U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission has set May 16, 2016 as the release date when companies can use securities-based crowdfunding to offer and sell securities to the investing public. This release is likely to be a game-changer in the equity and venture capital sectors.

What professionals need to know

The enabling language establishing regulations […]

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Mezzanine Financing With Capital Solutions

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Mezzanine financing fills the funding space between taking out a senior debt loan, whether from a commercial bank or a finance company, and giving up equity to an investor. Typically, mezzanine financing suits a company that has in excess of $10 million in annual sales and EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Depreciation […]

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Partnering With Asset Based Lending Leads to Better Bottom Line!

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Asset Based Lending Is A Strong Alternative
Access to bank finance is a challenge for small and medium sized businesses. Until banks actually make good on their public relations promises of working with businesses, where can you turn? Asset based lending is a viable option.

If you’re looking to boost working capital, asset based […]

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Factoring Asset-Based Lending in the Funding Mix

What is Asset-based lending?
An asset-based loan furnishes  your business with immediate cash funding as well as a revolving line of credit based on the value of your commercial assets like accounts receivable, purchase orders, inventory and machinery and equipment. For immediate working capital needs, factoring accounts receivable and purchase orders are solid funding options. […]

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Managers Managing Social Media

This blog has reported on several new social media innovations and new strategies in an attempt to highlight ways that businesses are expanding via digital mediums. One area that hasn’t been touched upon however, is the importance of social media strategies originating from the top management within a business.

There are a number of different […]

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Hiring the right employees to grow a business

It seems like the right time to hire employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Worker productivity is up and the economy seems to be on the rebound. In spite of this, the unemployment rate remains at 6%, and employers consistently cite that they have difficulty finding qualified workers in the current labor […]

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SBA rolls out $2.5 million competition during National Small Business Week

Entrepreneurs deserve to celebrate. National Small Business Week kicked off Monday, May 12 at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Maria Contreras-Sweet,Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration summarized National Small Business Week as a time , “to make sure our entrepreneurs know about the services the SBA offers. And it’s a week to encourage […]

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Measuring a business’ sale performance

Aside from poring over one’s accounting records and finances, most small business owners find it difficult to accurately gauge how well their business is doing aside from rudimentary rubrics. There are however, other possible metrics that may be utilized by a business owner to accurately assess the health of a business.

Dave Lavinsky,co-founder of Growthink, […]

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