Working Capital Via Second Position Factoring: Banks+SBA+EIDL

With a second position facility, you can unlock the capital hiding in accounts receivable while keeping primary financing in place.

Companies best suited to this program will have annual revenues of  $1M+ and have less than $100K on the aging.

Why Second Position Factoring

Second position factoring provides a certain, predictable cash flow when it’s needed. The timeframe […]

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Factoring & Asset-Based Lending 2018

When traditional banks fail to meet the critical financial needs of a business, Capital Solutions structures factoring and asset-based solutions to meet those needs. Capital Solutions presents superior options that keep money costs in line and permit business owners to take care of current needs as well as keep an eye on future progress.

Capital […]

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Factoring: Step by Step

Deciding on factoring

Factoring can access cash and working capital locked up in commercial invoices with minimum paperwork and maximum speed. For example, let’s say XYZ Inc. has incurred an unforeseen expense — a big property tax bill. XYZ does brisk business and can reasonably expect to collect a significant amount of revenue in the months to […]

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Accounts Receivable Factoring Seasonal Cash Flow

With the upcoming production-delivery-and-sales cycle of the holiday season, there is far more benefit in having the cash from current accounts receivable in your bank account rather that on your balance sheet: accounts receivable factoring is the answer. You take the orders, produce the goods, ship them and promptly send the invoice. Rather than wait 30-, […]

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