Capital Solutions offers businesses with a tax lien a new funding structure that can immediately fund accounts.

Why this is important

Businesses that run into a tax issue create a problem for their lender or factoring company. The lender has to liquidate or terminate the relationship due to fears of a Levy. It’s important to take care of a tax issue early on and take preventive measures to insure the business continues to have access to funding.

What you need to know

Typical Parameters needed for Invoice Factoring with Tax Liens and no payment plan in place:

  • Company must have recurring business with at least 4 clients.
  • A minimum of factoring volume of $100,000 a month.
  • Current on 941 payments.
  • Current on tax filings.
  • Credit worthy accounts under net 60 day credit terms.
  • Temp Staffing, Manufacturing, Service providers and some distributors.
  • Must use funder’s attorneys to represent the payment plan.

Let’s get started

Every day of a tax lien costs money and takes the focus away from growing a business to defending it. The sooner we structure a facility that neutralizes the burden of a tax lien, the sooner the business can proceed unhindered. Call Brian Battaglia at (626) 695-2280 to get started now!