Capital Solutions Checklist Graphic

Cut through all the clutter and hype about alternative lending. If you have commercial accounts receivable and you check off boxes in at least two of the categories below,  asset-based lending may be a viable, cost and time effective finance option for your business. Give us a call at (800) 901- 3299 to further explore, please.

Your business is in:

□ Manufacturing
□ Distribution
□ Wholesale
□ Service industries
□ Technology

Financing is required for:

□ Working capital
□ Rapid growth
□ Seasonal working capital
□ Turnaround

Current situation requiring alternative to traditional lending:

□ Highly leveraged
□ In turnaround
□ Seasonality/Cyclical
□ Rapid growth
□ Narrow margins

Looking for in a financial partner:

□ Integrity and Licensing
□ Fast-track applications
□ Accessible, professional  account management
□ Flexible deal structuring
□ Competitive rates

Capital Solutions is committed to providing funding alternatives to small- and medium-sized businesses. To evaluate your lending needs, please contact us to explore your finance options. Call  1-800-901-3299 to start the conversation!