Capital Solutions is expanding our services and programs to businesses by provide access to venture capital and equity capital financing to a wide range of businesses. Capital Solutions’ President Brian Battaglia has recruited Mark Witt to lead the Equity Opportunities programs.

Venture Capital (VC)

Venture Capital financing is most appropriate for startup and early stage companies. We have access to a wide range of venture investors from private individuals to large institutional funds. Deals range from $500,000 and higher.

We are usually able to get a quick reading on a deal to know if it is a fit for this type of financing. As your deal develops, we assist you each step of the way as you speak directly with the principals involved with bringing your request to funding. VC funding is appropriate for a wide range of businesses and does not need to be restricted to hi-tech, bio-med and social networking.

Equity Capital

Equity capital is most appropriate for businesses that are currently post startup and that have a current revenue stream. Equity capital deals usually start at about $2,500,000 and higher. We have access to the full range of equity investors from private investors and family offices, to all sizes of institutional funds.

Please call Mark Witt directly regarding equity opportunities at 714-269-4334 or email