While browsing for the right company to aid you in your financing needs, a number of factors will come into play. What basic information will they need in order to begin my application process? How many years will my business have had to be running for in order to qualify for a loan? How much are we able to loan out? However, the most important question that truly becomes a vital deciding factor is how soon the financing request will be approved. At Capital Solutions, your convenience and success is our top priority.

With Capital Solutions, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you need immediate capital funding, we are the only call you need to make. We immediately review your application and make a decision within 24 hours of receiving it, because we understand how valuable your time is. We have access to our own capital and a vast network of lenders, which allows us to finance companies with commercial accounts receivable ranging from fifty thousand to fifty million dollars.

When looking at other options such as banking institutions, the time between starting your application to receiving a decision on it can vary based on a number of reasons. A few banking industries list a few of their reasons as the type of financing needed, or the additional information that may be requested upon submission of the application. The time taken to provide the needed information also plays a crucial role in the length of this process. This process typically takes up to two months before a decision is made. However, at Capital Solutions, we make sure a decision is delivered within 24 hours of its acceptance.

If your company would benefit from timely funding of additional capital, please call us today at 1(800) 901-3299! Our highly ethical and professional service consistently exceeds customer expectations.