If your company has been looking to find a way to access capital, you are sure to have come across asset-based loans. For those who aren’t familiar with asset-based loans, they are loans based on commercial assets including accounts receivables, inventory or other assets. Put simply, with an asset-based loan you are leveraging future revenue to gain immediate access to capital without accruing debt.

Through this process, asset-based lenders, like Capital Solutions, put together funding packages based on an agreed percentage of the secured assets’ value. Capital Solutions’ financing solutions can offer up to 80% of the value of your business’ eligible accounts receivable.

How we can help

Securing an asset-based loan should be straightforward if your company has good financial statements, solid reporting, commonly sold inventory, and customers with a track record of paying their invoices. Capital Solutions gets you faster decisions, and has the expertise and experience to help resolve your finance challenges more decisively than the banking sector can.

Capital Solutions is a one-stop shop for asset-based loans. If you are eager to expand your business and are frustrated by how time-consuming and restrictive traditional bank lending can be, our individualized asset-based loan packages may be the best solution for you! Please call (800) 901-3299 to find out more on what we can offer you!