Capital Solutions structures financing solutions around your commercial accounts receivable including asset-based loans and factoring. We tailor the solution to your unique business circumstances. Our professional and licensed team brings decades of experience to a spectrum of clients in diverse sectors. Publishers, staffing companies, truckers, fashion houses – we find the deals that fit our clients’ requirements, not vice versa.

Our frame of reference and scope of finance industry contacts place our clients’ success and satisfaction first. Logarithms can work with raw data, but lack the context required to maintain a successful, productive finance relationship. As your business grows and your finance needs change, Capital Solutions has solutions for every stage.

Accounts Receivable Based Expertise

Capital Solutions can structure asset-based loans based on accounts receivable if your company qualifies. With an asset-based structure, your receivables become the borrowing base against which a line of credit is given. We can assess your particular business circumstances and structure the optimal financing solution for your company.

Leveraging Accounts Receivable Can Be A Smart Move

For an immediate cash flow solution, leveraging your accounts receivable is smart. For example, factoring commercial accounts receivable gets you the money you need for working capital in a timely and cost-effective package. If you have the purchase order of your dreams and need to finance production and delivery, we can structure purchase order financing along with factoring so your suppliers can be paid. The supplier is paid and when the goods are delivered, an invoice is created and the factor advances funds that pay off the purchase order financing and give you cash in hand.

With factoring, once your customer has been verified as creditworthy and the goods have been delivered you are advanced 80% to 90% cash of the invoice before your customer pays. The balance is paid to you, minus the agreed-upon points and fee, when the factor collects from your customer. Keeping online security in mind, we do not require direct access to your business accounts or software.

Factors can help you determine which customers to pursue in terms of their credit worthiness and ability to pay. Many clients find that with a factor in place, they are now free to pursue new business rather than chase payment.